Secured goods transport

To prevent the loss of irreplaceable items


A strict and secure protocol

Do you need to secure your merchandise during transport within France or abroad? For the transport of high-value objects and confidential items, Wes Prestige and its service providers use the international services of Brinks and Eurowatch (TAPA certified).

The secured transport proceeds as follows:
– The merchandise is loaded.
– The doors are closed by the driver, in the presence of the sender, and then the securing procedures are carried out. Once all of the parameters have been verified, Brinks can authorise the vehicle’s departure.
– After transport, as soon as any necessary customs formalities have been completed, the de-securing procedures are carried out at the unloading site.
– The Brinks agent verifies all of the parameters before proceeding to open the doors to the compartment in which the merchandise is kept.
– The vehicle is unloaded.

WES transfers the securing protocol and transport data to Brinks. The vehicle is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout all the operations.

Secured transport is particularly recommended for:
– Guaranteeing the quantity and quality of the products you ship.
– Improving your insurance: reduced premium, alternative to the ad valorem, handling of goods not usually covered (tobacco, telephone equipment etc.).
– Limiting theft within the company.
– Securing your prototypes to prevent competitors from copying your products.
– Preventing the disappearance of an irreplaceable item (work of art, passport etc.).
– Demonstrating your commitment to excellence to your partners.
– Knowing exactly where your merchandise is at all times.