More than solutions: special attention

Recognized expertise

Based in Paris, the world capital of luxury and fashion, WES has an excellent grasp of the issues related to this high-class world. It’s important to have a meticulous, reliable and discreet partner you can count on, whether you need regular shipments, urgent delivery for a single order, or an import from the other side of the world. We have also earned our customers’ loyalty by practicing a fair pricing policy for transporting luxury products.

Effective solutions:

  • WES assists media relations and event planning departments with photo shoots and shipping equipment for events.
  • A collection’s success largely depends on smooth coordination between the various manufacturers and the designer’s studio. Our in-depth knowledge of these players saves you time and help you with your event, even at night.
  • The transport of rare, precious and protected items, such as hides and pelts, requires extensive experience with customs requirements in Europe and other countries. WES can advise and assist you to ensure a problem-free delivery.
  • For sensitive shipments (VIP) or those that require special care during transport or delivery, our WES Prestige service provides customized solutions. You can reach us 24/7…