Distribute your fragrances anywhere in the world hassle-free

WES: advisory services on the safe transport of regulated products

If you are seeking an experienced service provider to advise you on lowering your costs (transport of fragrances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.), an expert team can provide you with the most appropriate solution for international regulatory requirements:

Effective solutions:

  • ADR for road transport (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)
    This service is available for limited quantity (LQ) shipments to France and most European countries (27 countries).
    Its advantages:
    – No need for a dangerous goods declaration.
    – No extra costs related to the regulation of this type of product.
  • IATA for air transport
    Depending on quantities (excepted or limited), WES delivers your shipments by door-to-door network to 136 countries. For other destinations and according to your preference, our Transit service transports your goods by air freight either to the consignee or the local freight forwarder (Airport Transit Visa).
  • IMDG for sea transport

Our common goal: make it easier to distribute your fragrance samples and orders worldwide.