Transport your vehicle France – International

WES : advises you and organizes all your transport and customs formalities

  • Closed and secure trailer transport in Europe Air and Sea Freight
  • Import or Export Declarations – Import or Export Declarations
  • Registration certificate Inward Processing

WES offers you his custom and transport experience of vehicle transportation. Customs Approved Operator based in Paris, Nice and Monaco, we find the best solution for all your needs.

WES « Car-Carry »

WES : A custom service to transport your vehicle safely

  • Confidential transport: Closed and secured trailer
  • Service available 24/7
  • Fast and reliable transport solution throughout France and Europe
  • Trailer adapted to any type of vehicle
  • Know-how and expertise in international import / export

WES Car-Carry service offers an exclusive mode of transportation. Because your vehicle deserves the greatest attention, our team of professionals ensure its delivery in optimal conditions with reactivity and flexibility.

Adapted to any type of vehicle (racing, luxury, collection …), our trailer offers the possibility to adapt to the wide or low vehicles for an optimal loading.

Care, attention to detail, security and discretion are our keywords. Depending on the urgency, the distance to be covered and the value of the load, one or two WES specialists will be dedicated to the transport of your vehicle.

WES offers a service that meets your requirements 24/7.

Technical characteristics: 6 meters long, 2.35 meters wide and 1.89 meters high for a total load capacity of 2 tons whether or not your vehicle is in working order.

Our know-how in customs and our expert team advises you and guides you in all the formalities related to the import or the export of your vehicle and its accessories.