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Customs clearance plays a decisive role in making sure the import or export process goes smoothly. WES can help you simplify, speed up or carry out these formalities.

Delta System
In compliance with European directives, French customs created the Delta e-procedure (Online Customs Clearance by Automatic Transaction). The objective is to save significant time by replacing all hardcopy customs declarations with electronic forms. This system comprises several modules, each corresponding to a clearance procedure:

  • DELTA C for clearance under ordinary law procedures
  • DELTA D the simplified procedure for domiciled (local) clearance
  • DELTA P for clearing goods
  • DELTA X for the clearance of express shipments


A wide range of services
Our customs brokers take care of even the most complex procedures.

  • ATA Carnets: facilitate temporary imports into foreign countries.
  • Temporary customs clearance.
  • Inward processing: authorization to bring goods intended for processing or repair into the EU; the goods are exempt from import duties.
  • Outward processing: authorization to temporarily export goods for processing or repair outside the EU and then re-import them with total or partial exemption from import duties.
  • Transfers under customs authority.
  • Clearance of transit documents (T1, etc.).
  • A.I 2 procedure exempt from VAT, subject to quota.
  • Washington CITES agreement.
  • Ships’ supplies loaded on board the ship.
  • Export license for cultural goods.

Customs authorization number: 5265

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