Air freight

Air freight

Stay on budget


With a network of partners worldwide, we can draw on our extensive expertise
to deliver your shipments at the lowest cost, regardless of volume.

Cargo planes
We work with the most efficient and profitable airline based on the type and destination of your freight. When the shipment arrives, our on-site agent will take care of customs clearance as well as delivery to the consignee.

Passenger planes
This type of delivery allows faster loading and availability than in a cargo plane. Passenger plane cargo holds are reserved for goods packed in standard shipping boxes with a total weight of less than 1,000 kg.

Combined service (sea/air)
By combining sea and air service, you can reduce the shipping cost and transit time. This is ideal for distant destinations like China.

WES takes care of all export and/or import customs formalities.

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    IATA accreditation number: 2047386/0610

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