Tax Representation yachting/charter

WES: tax and customs assistance services in France and Monaco

  • Tax representation
  • Clearance for home use free of VAT for yachts registered as commercial vessels
  • Temporary customs procedures for inward processing arrangements (repairs undertaken exempt of VAT)
  • Export customs on stores for vessels
  • Airport transfers: yacht under customs control, free of Duties & Taxes for spare parts and other goods

« European legislation on VAT provides for an exemption for some commercial vessels used for navigation on the high seas that carry passengers for remuneration or are used for commercial activities.

In its ruling, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) noted that France benefited from a VAT exemption for certain vessels never navigating in high seas, such as commercial vessels used for maritime cabotage, shuttle services between two coastal towns or even yachts, including when used as residences in well-known seaside resorts.

The ECJ accordingly requested that France discontinue the VAT exemption accorded in particular to yachts, subject to heavy financial sanctions ».

As of March 2013, this provision applies to all rentals of commercial yachts as well as company owners registered outside of France.

These companies are accordingly required to use the services of a tax representative in France and/or Monaco. The customs department of WES provides this service.