Marketing and communications Operating simultaneously across the globe

Customized routing solutions

Any carrier can ship a parcel to its final destination, but WES stands out by devising a routing system specific to your business and needs, including:

  • Preparation and distribution of your holiday gifts.
  • Immediate distribution of annual reports to customers or global subsidiaries for companies listed on the Premier Marché and Second Marché stock markets.
  • Shipment of your sales literature, POS material, catalogues, etc. to your various retail outlets.
  • Relocating your business or returning your files to your country of origin from one end of the globe to the other.

Streamlining the supply chain

  • We process and optimize the database.
  • In line with your specifications, we select the best packing method (sorting, order allotment, labelling, packaging, etc.).
  • The shipment is sent using the most efficient mode of transport based on cost, volume and deadlines.
  • All of your shipments and transactions can be tracked using an EDI system linked to your SAP.