International exhibitions 20 years of experience

We have a long list of satisfied customers

Since 1996, WES has been handling the preparation, transport and delivery of pre-event promotional material, invitations and badges in France and abroad for international exhibitions and trade shows organized by French companies. Our operational solutions keep our customers’ costs low by ensuring the highest quality of service.
Analysis of exhibitors’ or visitors’ files in order to group shipments by company.
Use of modelling tools to improve cost-effectiveness by consolidating shipment-related expenses.

Innovation for more attractive exhibitions

At the request of the organizer, WES will be on hand to help visitors navigate the venue.

  • At the entrance to the fair, we offer visitors a wheeled bag called the “WES Liberty”, which they can use to carry around all the literature they pick up at the stands.
  • When the bag is full, the visitor packs the contents in a box and returns to the exhibition with an empty bag.
  • When the visitor leaves, we seal the box or boxes containing the literature and forward them to the person’s office or home in France or abroad.
  • The visitor pays a fixed price per 30 kg of weight to France, Europe or the rest of the world.